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Treat your pet to a professional styling service

Count on over 35 years of experience servicing pups of all kinds when you visit Bow-Wow! Barbers. You can rest assured that we treat each and every dog with personalized care and affection. As members of the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists, we're always on top of the latest innovations in canine care.


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  • Nails clipped

  • Ears cleaned with cleansing solution

  • Ear hair removal if needed

  • Brushed and combed free of tangles

  • Short-haired pets will have shedding treatment before, during and after the bath

  • Two baths - The first in cleansing shampoo, and the second in premium conditioning shampoo chosen according to your pet's particular skin and coat condition

  • Anal glands expressed

  • Fluff-dried on table withambient temperature

  • Hygienic clip

  • Professional scissor finish

  • Finishing touches added at no extra charge include coat-conditioners that leave the skin and coat healthy and shiny, bandanas, bows and our finest pet colognes

All grooming and styling services include:

  • Flea treatments with Supercoats shampoo and conditioner

  • Therapeutic and medicated baths

  • Walk-in nail clips anytime during business hours

  • Oxyfresh dental hygiene program - dental kit with teeth brushing

  • Spa packages

  • Creative styling with artistic designs, colorful body art including glitter, blow-pen, airbrush and pet-friendly dyes

  • Nail filing

  • De-skunking package

  • Espree's simple shed system specifically formulated to release loose hair and undercoat while it cleans and conditions to reduce seasonal and non-seasonal shedding

  • Pawdicure with your choice of polish and and moisturizing  with SuperCoats Therenity lotion

We're pleased to offer these extra services

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