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Discover pet products for the true dog lover

Keep your pup healthy and happy with top quality pet supplies from Bow-Wow! Barbers. You'll be able to give your dog the nourishment it deserves with the very best products for health and hygiene.


In addition to our health and hygiene products, you can also count on us for fabulous dog supplies ranging from toys to clothes to leashes and more! Have your pet “step out in style”. Contact us today to get started.

Bow-Wow! Barbers is excited to bring you the new SuperCoats Skin and Coat Care Program by Pam Lauritzen. It's a simple "back to basics" proactive and interactive approach to skin and coat care.


Our South Bark's Blueberry Facial is a face brightening, cleansing, tearless, aromatherapeutic massage for your pet's face and head.

Care for your pup's skin and coat

Oxyfresh dental hygiene products

Oxyfresh offers outstanding products that can help you ensure your pet’s oral health. These products are safe, non-toxic and recommended by thousands of pet professionals worldwide.

Explore our quality pet care products

Get the perfect pet accessory or toy!


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Nylon harnesses, collars and leashes

  • Stylish colors and patterns from Lupine and Dogo

  • "Ice cream" and "jeweled" collars and leashes by Mirage for the more discriminating canine companion

Exquisite pet colognes and perfumes

  • Herbal scents including Lavender, Mountain Lodge and Citrus Basil

  • Designer scents including White Dalmatians, CK-9, Beautifur, Bonique Waggy, Timmy Holedigger and Aramutts

Shampoos and conditioners

  • SuperCoats by Pam Lauritzen

  • H20 from Pure Paws

  • All natural, non-toxic shampoos for all skin types and conditions by Espree

Unique and fun toys to keep your furry friends amused

We offer carry bags to keep you and your pet "stepping out - IN STYLE!" together! You'll also find grooming tools to help keep your fur baby looking and feeling great between styling appointments.